how does it work?

I understand that it can be a confusing process, especially for first timers. Here you can find the process of how it all works as well as a summary of common website styles.

The process...


initial briefing

To kick things off I like to start by receiving an initial briefing for your project. This can be done by using the handy form found in the Contact section. Alternatively, on this page you can get in touch via email or phone. 

The briefing provides me with enough context to create a plan of action create your website. After I have analysed your briefing its time to move onto step 2…



When I have thought about the methods I’m going to use, it’s time to discuss the project together. This will typically be a 30 minute conversation to make sure we are both on the same page. I will run through the processes I will be using to complete the site, as well as any extra information I might need. 



design & development

This is my time to shine! Using information gathered from our initial conversations I will start designing your website. In most cases this will begin with designing and agreeing on wireframe prototypes. 

After you are happy with the initial design I will start programming. I may be getting in touch a few times during this process to clear up any concerns, but for the most part you can just sit back and relax (and watch your website be created!).



A lot of developers seem skip this step, but it is important to provide training after your website has been created so that you can maintain it after we part ways! Oh, and don’t worry this is all free of charge.

Don’t worry this won’t be complicated, most of my websites are created with CMS’ for a reason. CMS’ such as WordPress allow you to update and maintain your websites without any programming knowledge. I will just be running through how to perform fundamental CMS tasks so that you are comfortable updating your own site (after all, it is your website!). 




After reviewing, ironing out bugs and polishing your brand new site. It’s time to hand the rest over to you. 

Once we are both 100% happy with the final product, it’s time to part ways!

website guide

Basic Sites

This is the most basic form of website.
It could range from a landing page for your business or maybe an online portfolio to make you stand out to employers.

A basic site will typically be completed quickly and can be done within a smaller budget. This will be perfect for small companies or portfolios!

Standard Sites

A standard website will normally be the minimum for mid-sized company. It will be a little more complex than the basic design with multiple pages and links, as well as more content.

To give you an example, the site you are currently viewing would be categorised as a standard site!

Premium Sites

Premium sites would typically be either custom WordPress designs, E-commerce sites or complicated programmed designs (custom JS, CSS, MySQL etc.).

Prices will vary depending on what your requirements are, so don't get too caught up in it before reaching out to me!