My Story

Hello there, I am Josh Dingri. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I’m going to be honest, I am a lot better at developing websites than talking about myself, but here it goes…

All my life I have been interested in technology, it’s always been a real passion of mine. I started learning the fundamentals of programming, starting with Python, back at secondary school at age 15. Then continued on to study Python in depth at high school where I really found my love for coding. I further pursued Computer Science at degree level, and graduated from the University of Nottingham with a First-Class (Hons) degree. 

During University I obtained an in-depth understanding in a range of programming languages, including (but not limited to); C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. This knowledge has allowed me to work in different areas of the industry and find what I’m the most passionate about.

And that’s where we find ourselves now, Web Development! Recently I have decided to focus on the area I have excelled at the most, after leaving my previous workplace I have put all my efforts into starting my Freelance web development business. I have the skills required to develop spectacular bespoke websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Bootstrap and backend languages. As well as having the expertise to use CMS’ like WordPress to create beautiful sites that can be easily maintained by my customers.


My philosophy is simple; build a relationship with my clients and create websites that we are 100% happy with. Get as involved as you want during the development process, or leave 99% of the build to me. The choice is always yours!

I’m a friendly person at heart and love meeting new people. I want my clients to enjoy working with me, plus building a brand new website should be an exciting process right? I want to make sure this is the case.

Have you noticed that this site is pixel-perfect? Everything is positioned correctly, not one thing is wrong or out of place. That’s because I’m a perfectionist, I will not stop working until everything is exactly where I want it. Luckily, web development is the perfect industry for such a mindset, and that’s why I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my websites.

Not to brag... but I know my stuff!

I’m not going to start boasting too much about my expertise, but here’s a compiled list of the languages and skills I have experience with.