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Hi there, I'm Josh Dingri!

Improving the web, one site at a time.

Welcome to the only Freelance Web Developer Website you’ll need to visit. Your journey starts here! Come chat to me any time using that little icon at the bottom-right of your screen. Yes, that’s really me!

 In the information age of 5.6 billion Google searches a day, I help your business grow by creating pixel-perfect, responsive websites that will spread the word of your company and attract new customers.

 I’m a Computer Science graduate with extensive knowledge of all things programming. This means I have experience with developing custom sites from scratch, as well as using WordPress to create sites that can be easily updated and maintained by you. If you think web development should be a straightforward and exciting process you’ve come to the right place!


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“Fast service and fair price.”

Derek E.

“Professional and quick to reply. Took action, easy to deal with, good understanding of what he does.”

Christopher K.


“Excellent, patient and time communication. Josh worked well with me to ensure the content looked and functioned as we wanted for our website additions. Will certainly use again in the future.”

Jade H.

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What do i do?

I’m a Freelance Web Developer, specialising in the Front-End. “What does that mean?” I hear you ask. Well, this is the practice of converting your website requirements and content on paper into the graphical interface you are seeing right now, using all the complicated programming terms like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

As well as coding experience, I also know how to utilise Content Management Systems (such as WordPress) to create quality sites that my customers can continue to maintain once the site is complete.

To summarise, all you need to do is think about your requirements and content. Then sit back and relax while I handle the complicated stuff and build your beautiful website!

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Why Choose me?

Your company is about to go public on the web, I’m here to make sure this experience is as exciting as it should be!

Being a freelancer allows me to work a lot more closely with my customers and provide exceptional support. I’m a developer who actually loves speaking to their customers. I’m a native English speaker and fluent computer geek! When it comes to Software Engineering I’m an all-rounder. But I decided to specialise in web development because it allows me to apply my perfectionist side. I’ll really take my time making every last element pixel-perfect and never settle for sub-par.

is it worth the money?

There’s a reason why so many companies invest in a web presence. 97% of people will go online to find a local business, and 93% of these start with a search engine. Here’s something that will blow your mind, there are around 5.6 billion Google searches every day!

Okay enough about the facts, to answer the question… YES it is definitely worth the investment. With the correct SEO I can get your company to spotlight of these Google searches!

Plus, by going freelance we can also help cut down the costs as much as possible.

User using the world wide web for their company.
Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
- Paul Cookson
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Front-end Development

I can code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing bespoke ideas to life.

I'm Multilingual:

My Toolbelt:

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38% of the web is powered by WordPress, making it an essential skill to have. It's important to know when to use a CMS and when not to. For example, this Freelance Web Developer Website was created using WordPress!

Looking to hire an ecommerce developer? Utilising WooCommerce with WordPress I can set up your very own online store without the extra cost you'd get with Shopify.


Customer Care

This is my #1 priority. Getting to know my customers is something I really enjoy. I believe building a website should be enjoyable process for you, not a stressful one.

I ensure my customers are genuinely happy throughout the development process.